Choosing A Home Security Code Or Pin

July 17th, 2012 | Posted by TimD in Home Security Systems

Your home alarm system is a vital gatekeeper for your family's safety and the security of your valuables. You need to be able to turn the alarm on and off easily without offering that same courtesy to any potential intruders. Inevitably, there will be times where you, or perhaps a family member, will accidentally set the alarm off. This is okay, with an easy to remember code that the family can share you can quickly shut down the alarm.

Choosing that password or passcode is not something to take lightly. In many cases, as with ATM pins and other secure information, people choose an easy to remember number based on a phone number or birthday. This is not a wise choice. Intruders often research a person before making a move on their home. Any information that might be available in your mail should be counted out as possible codes.

Instead choose a number vaguely associated with your family but not easily traceable by a potential thief. It is important that your whole family including children can recall the number but it is far more important to assure their safety.

With the right code and a good home security system, you can keep everyone safe and snug for a long time coming.


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