Choosing A Home Security Code Or Pin

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Your home alarm system is a vital gatekeeper for your family's safety and the security of your valuables. You need to be able to turn the alarm on and off easily without offering that same courtesy to any potential intruders. Inevitably, there will be times where you, or perhaps a family member, will accidentally set the alarm off. This is okay, with an easy to remember code that the family can share you can quickly shut down the alarm.

Choosing that password or passcode is not something to take lightly. In many cases, as with ATM pins and other secure information, people choose an easy to remember number based on a phone number or birthday. This is not a wise choice. Intruders often research a person before making a move on their home. Any information that might be available in your mail should be counted out as possible codes.

Instead choose a number vaguely associated with your family but not easily traceable by a potential thief. It is important that your whole family including children can recall the number but it is far more important to assure their safety.

With the right code and a good home security system, you can keep everyone safe and snug for a long time coming.


To Protect Homes Remove Criminal Cover

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Keeping your family safe is a full time job. Even as you employ Securassure’s home alarm system you might wonder if there are, in fact, more ways to keep your home and your loved ones even safer. Home security cameras can help you keep an eye on your place and burglar alarms can help you get to help quickly in case of a break in, but how exactly do you make your home less vulnerable to robbery in the first place?

Here are a few simple tips to remove important cover for would be criminals:

  • Keep the bushes and shrubbery around your home trimmed year round. This is especially important around points of entry to your home like windows. Those bushes can offer a criminal cover while they attempt to infiltrate your home.
  • Motion censors are another great way to remove cover from would be crooks. A light turning on in your yard could be enough to scare off the cowardly bandit looking to rob you.
  • By the same measure putting timers on lights in your home will make it look like you are home. It will also call the attention of the neighbors not exactly the best situation for a burglary.

Home Alarm Systems For The Technophobe

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Feeling secure is important, as we have highlighted time and again. To enjoy the sense of comfort and safety provided by a Securassure home alarm system, though, you have to be able to program the system. For many people, a sense of technophobia has them avoiding installing security devices in their homes for fear that they will not be able to set them up, turn them on or, worse, turn them off in case of a false alarm.

For those of us apprehensive owing to a general aversion to technology, Securassure is very appealing because it is run almost entirely on an easy to use LCD screen. Codes are designed to be easily remembered and the installation process will offer guidance on how to set yourself up for it. What's more, the staff is readily available for troubleshooting and there are detailed and easy to understand instructions offered with the system.

A home security system is not the sort of modern comfort item you can do without. If your fear of technology ends up costing you lost or damaged property, it is going to be hard to get over that. Instead, embrace the easy to use system and keep your property and family safe.


Reassurance From Securassure

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Reassurance is, of course, the main benefit of a home alarm system. The hope when a product like this is invested in is that it is never needed to protect your family or your possessions. The hope, frankly, is not even that it deters criminals but that there were no criminals looming around to begin with. This of course is the best case scenario for you, your family and the community as a whole.

Of course, the purchase of a Securassure home security system is definitely an acknowledgment that something might occur. People might try to rob you and you want to be ready for them if they do, not just warned about their presence on the premises. You want the monitoring systems to inform the police of a break in right away.
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If that all occurs and somehow these criminals get away with anything, Securassure is willing to pay your home insurance deductible up to $500. That is the sort of extra assurance that not only gives you a sense that the company will be there should things go wrong but also reinforces their own confidence in their product and its ability to keep you and your's safe.

Reassurance is worth a lot.


Deter Criminals With Home Security Systems

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For many criminals the very indication of the presence of a home security system is enough to have them throwing their hands up and moving on to the next home. We are not talking about people who are interested in doing any sort of serious work, if they were they would likely get a job rather than a life of crime. In these scenarios then the house on the block which does not have a home alarm system is the most likely to be vandalized, it is simply making it easier for any criminal currently casing the neighborhood.
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Casing of course is the process that leads up to a robbery and it is not always a part of a criminal's plan. In many cases though robbers will cruise a neighborhood figuring out which houses have home alarm systems and which have easily negotiated points of entry. The presence of an alarm system is an immediate red flag to anyone looking to get in and out quick.

Having a home security system is not just a protection in case of a break in it is also, probably more importantly, a deterrent from those break ins. Getting a home security system will help you live more safely and securely.


The first step to getting a home security system is an assessment from the fine folks at Securassure. They will inspect your home and see what is needed and what tends to be most effective in your area and with your specific dimensions of a home. They will also assess your budget for your home alarm system and find something that is within your price range and can still provide you and your family with a sense of security.

Of course when you consider a major home instillation of any sort and the company suggests a need for an assessment it is hard to know when the actual system will be installed. With Securassure your safety and the safety of your loved ones is a priority so they guarantee to install at least part of your security system within between 24 and 48 hours of your initial assessment.

Safety is of course paramount in the services being provided by Securassure so a fast instillation is vital in that sense of safety and security. Installing a security system is not something that can be put off til tomorrow or a few months from now. Your safety and that of your family must be addressed as soon as possible.


Risks Versus Home Alarms

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Is the risk worth it?

As people we spend a lot of time rationalizing our less than idyllic behavior. Whether we are pretending that one cigarette will not hurt us or that we can drive with the check engine light on for just a little while longer we incur risks unnecessarily and pretend like it is no big deal.

When it comes to home security people can be even more misguidedly callous and cavalier. People keep their valuables, their cherished memories and their loved ones under a roof without any sort of security system at all. How can you be confident in your, and more importantly your family's, continued safety without some sort of home security system to warn you of an intruder?

Many of us spend time harping on those same sort of thin rationalizations that we mentioned earlier. “It is not that kind of neighborhood,” as if somehow your area is immune to criminal activity. “There is such a thing as too safe,”  is there really?

Nothing matters more than your loved ones' safety and no risk is really worth taking. Secureassure has affordable solutions to your home alarms needs and they are ready to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Are you?


A Thorough Crash Course in Home Security

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home alarm systemsYou've opted to get a home security system. We've convinced you of all the wonderful benefits (as if you really needed convincing on home safety). But after the technician shows up and installs the system, is he going to breeze through the features and mechanisms or is he going to stay put until you feel comfortable using the alarm? Well, if you choose a company that isn't Securassure, the former statement is a good possibility.

It's easy to understand the very basics of most home alarms. But once you get into the technical features, like arming only part of the house, it can get a little tricky. Although we mentioned last week the manuals are available online, that doesn't mean the technician will not go over everything with you. He won't leave until you have a good grasp on the system. Other companies might overbook appointments and they want to be in and out of your home. This is the Securassure difference, they don't leave until you know the alarm. The whole point of an alarm is to provide security and you won't feel very secure with a piece of equipment you cannot work.

With friendly and informative technicians, every customer can delight in the feeling of superior surveillance with ADT alarms installed.


Download the Manuals Anytime

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protect homeSecurassure is continually looking to make your life easier, simpler, and of course safer. While ADT has always provided simple to use home alarms, many still come with a ton of additional features that you might not know how to navigate. Of course the technician is going to explain everything before leaving to make sure you know how to operate the alarm. But trying to remember everything in the crash course isn't always possible.

I remember using my own family's home security alarm when I was still living at home. Sometimes I wanted to only alarm certain portions of the house and I couldn't always remember how to do it. And trying to find the manual for it? Near impossible. Luckily if you ever forget how to do something or want an in-depth read about the other features, you can visit Securassure's website and download the manual for your alarm.

This is incredibly convenient and it also means you do not have to waste time calling up Customer Service to have your questions answered. Although, they would be more than happy to assist you with anything that you need. Save some trees and keep it right on your desktop so you can quickly view the instructions any time you need.


A Battery Backup Included

May 8th, 2012 | Posted by KristenM in Home Security Systems - (Comments Off)

home securityAlthough we're just getting into spring, summer is just around the corner. And with summer comes a lot of blackouts. With everyone blasting air conditioners, it's no wonder power outages are frequent. Then add to that some crazy thunderstorms and hurricanes later on towards fall. In my old neighborhood we were just very susceptible to them, losing power was a common occurrence.

So with that in mind, how can one feel safe about his home security system when the power goes out? Doesn't that mean a thief could easily break in and the police or alarm company wouldn't be notified? Well that might be true if you choose other burglar alarm systems, but not with ADT and Securassure. A battery backup is a standard feature on every single alarm system sold. There is no additional fee. It's just one of many features, actually, that come automatically with the ADT alarm systems. If there is a natural disaster or the telephone company blows a couple of fuses, your family will remain well-protected.

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To learn more about the great features on these alarm systems, visit Securassure.ca. You can't put a price on the safety of your family. An alarm system is an investment in the security of your family.